Firemen removing debris from the roof
Firemen removing debris from the roof

TWO teenage boys had a lucky escape after a blaze broke out in a house in Kirkcaldy last week.

And this week, following an investigation by the fire service, it emerged that the fire started after clothes were left too close to a halogen heater.

The house in Benarty Street was extensively damaged.

The house in Benarty Street was extensively damaged.

It is believed the 14-year-olds had to leap from an upstairs window in the two-storey property in Benarty Street after the fire took hold in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The pair, named locally as David Kane and Bob Cowan, were taken to Victoria Hospital where they are understood to have received treatment for smoke inhalation.

It is thought none of them were seriously injured in the incident.


A neighbour, Mr Steel - whose mother phoned the emergency services - told The Press: “It was after 4.00 a.m. the boys came rushing to the door in a panic asking my mother to phone the fire service.

“The fire had taken a strong hold and they were screaming. There were flames coming out all the windows.

“One of them had tried to put a spade through the window to get out and I understand one of them hurt his ankle after jumping out the window.”

He added: “I’m glad they both got out okay.”

While the pair managed to escape the fire it is believed the family pet, a husky dog, had to be put down by a vet after sustaining serious injuries.

Another neighbour said: “I hadn’t been sleeping very well so I had come through to the living room to sit when I heard the commotion outside.


“I saw the lights, the police and the flames and the smoke coming out the house.

“I heard them shouting to the dog, it’s such a shame it didn’t survive.

“There was a big police presence for hours afterwards, they were on the scene for a long time.”

He added: “I have never seen anything like that here before.”

Two fire crews and an aerial appliance arrived in Benarty Street at around 4.18 a.m.

A spokesman for the fire service said the fire was brought under control shortly after 5.00 a.m. but that crews remained at the scene on Thursday morning to dampen down the fire.

The spokesman confirmed that two teenage boys were taken to hospital for a check up.

Roads in the area were affected by smoke and access was blocked to Lomond Gardens, Pentland Place, Cleish Gardens and Forth Park Drive throughout the day to allow investigations into the cause of the fire to be carried out.