Lundin Hotel will still trade despite change of use

Lundin Links Hotel
Lundin Links Hotel

THE owner of the Lundin Links Hotel says dire market conditions have forced a partial change of use of the iconic building.

Fife Council has given permission to a plan to demolish part of the hotel and then the subsequent building of sheltered housing units.

The work will ensure that the hotel retains its iconic frontage.

Director and owner of the hotel Martin White told the Mail: “The recently approved planning application in principle is very much a fall back plan for the uncertain future we are all living in.

“The recession is still here and may get worse or we may recover.

“The hotel has seen some positive signs in 2012 with more golfers than last year which is encouraging, including our first Chinese golfers ever, however, food and beverage sales are down on 2011.”

Mr White pointed out that the hotel will continue to trade and remains committed to continuing to serve locals and tourists.

He also advised that the hotel has introduced a new takeaway menu.