Lundin Links reduced speed limit to be enforced next month

Some of the damage caused over the summer
Some of the damage caused over the summer

A long called-for reduction in the speed limit through Lundin Links is to come into force next month.

However one resident on Largo Road, where the limit is to be reduced from 30mph to 20mph, is worried it won’t make enough difference.

Donald Low, known to many in the town as Dangerous Donald, lives near to the sharp bend through the town, and told the Mail there have been five crashes on the road in just seven weeks.

He said: “I’ve lived here since 2001 and there have always been accidents, especially when it has been raining and the road is greasy.

“Usually, a car will be coming down the bend, meet something bigger which is coming up the way, and the driver will panic before hitting the breaks and skidding into the railings.

“Around six years ago, a new road surface was put down, which really helped.

“But over this summer, we have had five crashes in seven weeks, and (everyone in Lundin Links) is furious about it.”

In 2014, councillors at the Levenmouth area committee agreed to a reduction in the speed limit along Largo Road, from the bank to the war memorial.

It is expected work to enforce this new limit will come into effect next month.

But Donald isn’t convinced that the new speed restrictions will make a difference.

“It’s going to be a 20mph but that just means people will do 30 instead of 40 now.

“It’s really scary here - the width of the pavement on the bend is just 35inches including the kerb. Women with kids are terrified to cross the road.

“We call it Beiruit Avenue here.

“There’s massive lorries coming up that road and they always cut the corner.”

Donald thinks the town could benefit from average speed cameras which he thinks would encourage people to adhere to the limit along the full length of the road.

A Fife Council spolesman confirmed that works are due to start throughout Lundin Links in the first week ofSeptember and last for two weeks.

The roadworks will involve a raising of the crossing on Leven Road, a mini roundabout at the Emsdorf Road/Drummochty Road junction, various signing and lining to enforce 20mph gateways at all entry points, some raised humps on Crescent Road and Links Road as well as three sets of painted dummy cushions on Largo Road. These cushions are being put in as a trial measure rather than as actual physical cushions.

If these fail to have the desired effect of slowing cars then full sized speed bumps wil be put in place within the year.