Lundin Links speed plan IS working

Campaigners for safer speed around Lundin Links
Campaigners for safer speed around Lundin Links

Fife Council and a local residents group have hit back at criticism over the new speed limit in Lundin Links.

In a letter to the Mail last week David Stacey of Largo Area Community Council said the new restriction, from 30mph to 20mph, wasn’t the solution to the problem of speeding in the village, adding that the “long-shelved relief road” was the answer.

He also claimed that the community council hadn’t been consulted over the change.

But Colin Stirling, traffic management lead professional (North Fife) said the council had failed to make any objections at the proposal stage.

“We initially contacted the community council about the introduction of a 20mph speed limit for the residential streets,” he said.

“However, following a campaign by local residents, on the basis of pedestrian safety, the original proposal was amended to include a further length of the Largo Road.

“The community council was given the opportunity to comment on the amended proposal and didn’t submit any objections.”

Heather Paterson of the group ‘Time For Twenty’ which campaigned for the speed reduction said that it has already made a difference.

She said: “Not everyone will welcome the new speed limit or reduce their speed. However, it’s already clear that cars are slowing down.

“Travelling at 20mph takes just 30 seconds longer to drive through our village. We think that’s worth it to make the road safer for everyone including children and vulnerable road users.

“Many people doubted that things could change, but a positive campaign has had a result. For many locals, doing nothing while the accident toll mounted simply wasn’t acceptable.”