Madras comes top of the class in inspection

Madras College rector David McClure has been praised for his leadership of the school.
Madras College rector David McClure has been praised for his leadership of the school.

Madras College has received a glowing report in a recent school inspection.

Inspectors were so impressed by the work being done at Madras they now want to work with the school to share their innovative practices widely.

In a report peppered with superlatives, inspectors identified five key strengths in the school, highlighting what they describe as “the motivational leadership” of headteacher David McClure.

Inspectors also said the school’s links with the University of St Andrews had a significant impact on learners’ experiences, praised the range of opportunities for personal development, described support for children of the armed forces as “outstanding” and commended pupils’ attainment in fifth and sixth years.

Now inspectors have said they will not be making follow-up visits to the school in the wake of the inspection. “We are satisfied with the overall quality of provision. We are confident that the school’s self-evaluation processes are leading to improvements,” their report said.

Mr McClure said: “I am truly delighted the inspection team has recognised and highlighted the significant levels of attainment of our young people as well as the vast range of academic, sporting and cultural opportunities to learn outwith the classroom which the staff provide and support, which contributes so effectively to the overall development of our pupils.

“I am also very pleased the points for action, noted in the report, reflect our own evaluations, which we continue to focus on to address our young people’s needs and continue to develop the school.”

Fife Council’s executive spokesperson for education, children, young people and families, Councillor Bryan Poole, congratulated “the whole Madras School community”.

He added: “Of course every successful school needs good leadership and in headteacher Dave McLure, Madras College and Fife Council is fortunate in having him lead the school. But as I’m sure Dave would only be too ready to agree the headteacher also depends on the team he has around him and, at Madras, he has that in his senior management team and the rest of staff – teachers and ancillary staff. The report is a great testimony to everyone involved at Madras College in what I appreciate has been a difficult time.”

Paul Brown, chair of Madras College Parent Council, echoed the delight in the report, adding: “All the citizens of St Andrews have noticed the greatly improved appearance of the pupils since the arrival of David McClure as rector. Less publicly, staff, pupils and parents have witnessed and benefited greatly from the focused and inspirational leadership which the rector has brought to all the other aspects of the school’s activities. All the staff are to be congratulated.”

Tay Bridgehead’s Councillor Tim Brett said: “Notwithstanding the well-known deficiencies and difficulties with the current school estate and split site operation, I believe that everyone at the school should be congratulated on the outcome of this report. This includes pupils, parents and staff.”