Magic of West End shows - in the Lang Toun

Evan Henderson
Evan Henderson

Theatre lovers in Kirkcaldy have been turning up in their droves to the Adam Smith Theatre - to watch a cinema screen.

The venue has been showing a series of live broadcasts direct from the stage in London’s West End and the public have responded by turning up in large numbers - including a complete sell out for a show starring Helen Mirren in June.

Programme manager Evan Henderson said the theatre was able to screen the productions after it took delivery of a digital projector.

He said: “It allowed us to access the satellite system so we were able to put on the first live broadcast and it’s been gradually building up since then.

“These sort of screenings have been very successful in Edinburgh and Dundee and it took a little while for people in Kirkcaldy to get the idea of what it was.”

The theatre has screened productions from the Bolshoi Ballet, a series from the National Theatre called NT Live and on November 13 will screen ‘Richard II’ from the Royal Shakespeare Company with Dr Who’s David Tennant in the starring role.

Next February the NT Live’s ‘War Horse’ is set to be shown.

Evan says the screenings are as close as you can get to the real thing: “It’s great because they can see the audience in London coming in which helps to build up the atmosphere.

“It takes a little getting used to but you gradually end up going with it. It’s a different experience from watching a film.

“In relation to live theatre some might find it a bit controversial but I think the good outweighs the bad - you don’t have to travel to London to see these quality shows for example!

“It’s a fairly sophisticated audience that comes to these broadcasts but it’s accessible to all and I think that it will encourage people who have been to come and see one of our theatre productions which is another experience altogether.”

The theatre is alsotaking part in a French Film Festival starting on Sunday with comedy ‘Paulette’.

“Again it’s giving people the opportunity to see something different,” said Evan.

“We have some schools coming along to see the film ‘Little Lion’. The festival is happening in other similar sized towns across Scotland so I thought let’s give it a go.

“It’s the positive comments we get for the theatre broadcast or things like the festival which make it worthwhile.”