Maisie-Rose (4) donates Christmas money to the homeless

A caring four-year-old has been hailed a '˜Christmas angel' by a homeless charity after she decided to give her Christmas money to people without a roof over their head.
Maisie Rose with mum, Michelle and Frontline Fife staff.Maisie Rose with mum, Michelle and Frontline Fife staff.
Maisie Rose with mum, Michelle and Frontline Fife staff.

Maisie-Rose Watters from Leven decided she wanted her cash to go to help the homeless after seeing people sleeping rough on the streets of Scunthorpe during a recent family visit.

And last week she paid a visit to Frontline Fife, the charity set up to help homeless people in the region, to hand over her £53 and find out more about what the charity does to help those in need.

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Mum Michelle Moir said that although they had explained homelessness to Maisie-Rose, her wish to help those in need had come as a complete surprise, admitting that her daughter’s concern and compassion for those sleeping rough had brought tears to her eyes.

She said: “I had to support Maisie-Rose so we decided that it would be better to support a local charity and we found Frontline Fife online.”

Maisie-Rose and her mum spent the afternoon at Frontline Fife’s head office in Kirkcaldy with Caryn Nicolson, the charity’s chief executive officer, and her team to learn more about how homeless people are supported and how her donation could help.

Caryn said: “Maisie-Rose is our youngest donor ever and a delightful little girl who demonstrates a level of care and compassion beyond her years. She is truly remarkable. She is Frontline Fife’s Christmas angel.”

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Fife has the third highest number of people coming forward as homeless in Scotland but this is often unrecognised because of the hidden nature of homelessness in rural communities.

Caryn added: “Our team continues to work tirelessly to raise awareness of the need to end homelessness in Fife. We wish to thank Maisie-Rose and others who have supported our Justgiving Christmas Campaign and we hope that the goodwill of all our donors continues to spread the joy of giving.”

Maisie-Rose chose to donate her funds to buy bus tickets for homeless people to visit their families at Christmas.

Handing over her money, Maisie-Rose said: “I’m giving my money because I have a family and everyone should see their family at Christmas.”

If you would like to donate to Frontline Fife’s Christmas Campaign, visit: