Making a move – and leaving Kirkcaldy

Locals take part in a cycle session at Kirkcaldy's Beveridge Park
Locals take part in a cycle session at Kirkcaldy's Beveridge Park

A groundbreaking project to get more people from the Kirkcaldy area out of their cars and onto their bikes is due to finish up next month.

Make Your Move Kirkcaldy was set up four years ago as a partnership between Fife Council and Sustrans the sustainable transport organisation, to encourage local people to use sustainable forms of transport.

The aim of the project was to increase the share of journeys in Kirkcaldy made by cycling, public transport and walking, in line with the Scottish Government target that 10 per cent of all journeys in Scotland should be made by bike by 2020.

And, as well as running various bike training and maintenance sessions and lending out bikes, it helped to improve walking and cycle routes through street design projects, including artwork, road safety furniture and planting in conjunction with local schools and communities.

Now, as it reaches the end of its term in Kirkcaldy, it hopes the work it has done will encourage people to continue to walk more, travel more on their bikes and use public transport whenever possible.

To this end it is offering all of its collection of 18 adult bicycles which were available for groups and individuals to borrow for short periods to try cycling to work, to local organisations or charities.

Rachel Goulding, project co-ordinator, said: “As MYMK draws to a close, we’re looking for community groups to take on our borrow bikes and keep promoting active travel choices.

“Make Your Move Kirkcaldy has been working in the town for the past four years encouraging active and sustainable travel modes to the community. One of the targets has been to boost cycling levels in Kirkcaldy and increase its use as a mode of transport for short journeys.

“With the main MYMK project ending in March, the borrow bike scheme will also end. The bikes were bought using People’s Health Trust funding and now belong to the project. As a legacy we would like groups in Kirkcaldy to get continued use of them once the project has ended.”

To contact Rachel call 03451 555555 ext 440008.