Making a significant contribution to learning

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Mentors at the Western Isles Hospital recently celebrated being nominated by the University of Stirling nursing students, as mentors who had made a significant contribution to their learning.

Third year student nurse Gary Cairns who spoke on behalf of all students said: “I had a wonderful experience with my mentor, and she really showed me what good mentorship was. I felt that I had much more of a partnership rather than a teacher student relationship with my mentor.

“It is clear to all the students that the mentors in Western Isles really push the students and want only the best for them. Good mentorship is so important because we learn so much from our mentors and we look to them for support and Guidance. For the students being a nurse is a lifelong dream and the phenomenal mentorship we receive allows us be able to fulfil these dreams.”

Gill McCannon practice learning co-ordinator/teaching fellow, who organises the event said: “This is the third year of running this event. The mentors enjoy the occasion and students like the chance to thank the mentors in a special way, with mentors receiving a certificate indicating our appreciation.”

The mentors pictured above.