Man attacked ‘lifelong friend’ with samurai sword

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A man who savagely attacked his “lifelong friend” with a samurai sword - cutting him down to the bone in a violent attack following a row over a computer game - has been spared a jail term.

Christopher Smith took the sword - owned by his girlfriend’s father - out of their house in Kirkcaldy following a row with pal Mark Wood over an X-Box game.

They went into the street where a fight broke out - before Smith attacked with the blade.

He repeatedly struck his victim with the sword - with one cut slicing through his arm and into the bone.

During the fight Smith pinned the man down and held the sword against his throat.

But despite that, Smith’s victim turned up at court to support the man who left him horrifically injured.

Fiscal depute Lindsey Armstrong told Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court: “The accused and the complainer are life long friends.

“On October 3 last year they were consuming alcohol together.

“Around 7.45pm they were in an address in Caithness Place, Kirkcaldy, arguing over an X-Box game.

“The complainer asked the accused for a fight and left the property and was shouting for a fight.

“The accused then left and was in the possession of the samurai sword.

“The accused struck the complainer on the arm with it.

“They became involved in a fight on the ground and during the course of this the accused repeatedly struck the complainer on the body with the sword.

“At one point the accused had the sword pressed against the complainer’s throat while he was on the ground.

“The fight stopped and the complainer headbutted the accused two or three times, to which the accused said ‘I deserved that’.

“When police arrived the accused said for them to look for his friend because ‘he’s the one that’s hurt’.

“The complainer was traced but refused to stop initially and CS spray had to be deployed.”

“The victim was raced to hospital where he received treatment for a series of wounds, including a wound that went as deep as his elbow joint that had to be screwed back together by medics.

Smith, (28), of Caithness Place, Kirkcaldy, pleaded guilty on indictment to a charge of assault committed on October 3 last year.

Martin Maguire, defending, said: “His victim has actually come to court today in support of Mr Smith.

“Violence of this type is out of character for him.”

Sheriff Jamie Gilchrist QC imposed a community payback order with 300 hours unpaid work and 18 months supervision.