Man ‘co-erced’ woman into having sex sessions with another man before sending video to her family

Dundee Sheriff Court
Dundee Sheriff Court

A man “co-erced” a woman into having repeated hotel sex liaisons with another man and made them film one - before allegedly sending the video to the woman’s family on Christmas Day, a trial heard today (Friday)

Clive Weatherhogg has gone on trial at Dundee Sheriff Court accused of setting up a series of trysts between the woman, who cannot be identified, and Edward Amobi in south-east England over the period of a year.

A jury heard a string of extraordinary allegations, including that Weatherhogg wanted the pair to video call him during one of their romps and that when Mr Amobi turned down the suggestion of a threesome he asked for a video of a sex session.

That video was later allegedly sent to the woman’s father and sister at Christmas 2014.

The woman said Weatherhogg even specified positions for them to have sex in “like mechanical dolls”.

Married Mr Amobi (40), told the court that at one point he was asked to buy a “CB600 male chastity device” and send it to the woman to give to Weatherhogg - before Weatherhogg took a picture of himself wearing it.

He said that during one of the liaisons Weatherhogg had gone as far as to escort the pair to a hotel room and undress the woman before leaving them to have sex while he sat in the bar downstairs.

Mr Amobi added that Weatherhogg was so desperate to be in the room while they had sex that he offered to be “tied to a chair” during a romp.

He added that he had later discovered a text on his wife’s phone from “Clive Cuckold” informing Mr Amobi’s wife of his romps with the woman.

During her evidence, the woman said she felt like she was being “blackmailed” by Weatherhogg into having sex with the man.

She said Weatherhogg booked hotel rooms for her and the man to have sex in, and demanded photographs and videos as proof.

She told the jury: “He wanted to Facetime [video call] me while we were having sex but I wouldn’t agree to it.

“Then he said he wanted to phone and listen and if I wouldn’t agree to that then he wanted me to video it.”

The woman told the jury she was frightened of Weatherhogg and felt under pressure to agree to his demands.

She said he was angry and aggressive towards her if she did not agree, and that he bombarded her with text messages until she gave in.

She said: “I just wanted the badgering to stop. I wanted to have a nice normal life. I wanted all of it to go away.

“I didn’t tell anyone what was happening. I didn’t think anyone would believe me – it was just so crazy.”

She said Weatherhogg arranged for her and the man to have sex on four occasions and told the man what positions to do, like “mechanical dolls”.

She said she felt “disgusted” and “really upset” afterwards, and Weatherhogg would harass her with numerous text messages demanding proof and making threats if she did not do so.

Mr Amobi told the court that the three had met through a website and that he first had sex with the woman within days of meeting her for the first time.

He added that all the liaisons were set up by Weatherhogg.

He said: “I refused to do it with him in the room.

“He asked for pictures and I took them on her phone - I made sure my face was never in them.

“At one point all three of us met in a restaurant and he suggested we should go outside and have sex in a bush.

“Later I was at home and my wife got a text message - I looked at the phone and it said it was from ‘Clive Cuckold’.

“He had got my wife’s number when she phoned me in the car after I picked him and the woman up and it came up on the display.

“One time we all went up to the room and he undressed her, kissed her then left.

“Then he told me to buy a CB600 - I had to Google what it was. It is a male chastity device.

“He told me to buy it and send it to the woman to give to him.

“I got it on eBay and did what he said and then he texted saying it wasn’t complete.

“When it was sorted he then sent me a picture of it on his private parts.

“He wanted her to send me the key but she wouldn’t do it.”

Weatherhogg (42), of Balmalcolm, pleaded not guilty on indictment to three charges under the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act, one under the Communications Act and one of behaving in a threatening and abusive manner.

The coercion is said to have taken place between September 10, 2013 and September 17, 2014 at addresses in Kent and Fife.

The videos were allegedly sent on December 22 and December 25, 2014 at addresses in north east Fife.

The trial, before Sheriff George Way and a jury of nine men and six women, continues.