Man sat half-naked on top of a moving car

Devyn Bell
Devyn Bell

Motorists looked on in alarm as a man performed a partial striptease while sitting on the roof of a moving car, a court has heard.

Devyn Bell appeared through the sunroof of a Nissan Micra as it travelled along the A914 towards St Andrews.

He took off his upper clothing, exposing the top of his buttocks, then opened the passenger door and hung out of it, still half-naked.

The ‘remarkably stupid’ stunt landed him in the dock at Cupar Sheriff Court and on Monday he was fined £540.

Bell (20), of 3 Beechwood Road, Arbroath, admitted committing a breach of the peace on the A914/A919 Forgan to Guardbridge road on May 5 this year by presenting himself through the sunroof and passenger door of a moving car while partially clothed.

The court heard that the incident happened at about 10.30 in the morning.

Two female witnesses who were travelling south on the A914 towards St Andrews became aware of a line of three cars ahead of them. The accused was the front seat passenger in the lead car.

“Just after the corner at Drumoig the accused came up through the sunroof of the Micra,” said depute fiscal Joanne Smith.

“He then began to remove his upper clothing and sat on the roof with his feet still inside the car. The top of his buttocks were also partially exposed.

“As the vehicles approached Guardbridge the accused opened the passenger door and was seen hanging out of the car, his top half still naked.”

Ms Smith said that the female witnesses, who estimated the Micra’s speed to be around 40mph, called the police when they reached St Andrews and the accused was later traced to his home.

Solicitor William Rennie told the court that Bell, an apprentice joiner, accepted that his behaviour had been ‘very stupid’ and that he had endangered himself by his actions. However he said that the witnesses were more concerned about the driving of the Micra, which had been overtaking and undertaking other vehicles.

“It was a hot day and he was in high spirits,” said Mr Rennie.

“He and his friends were driving to a car show in Crail and his high spirits got the better of him. He was showing off to the people travelling behind him.”

Mr Rennie added that a £700 fine imposed at Cupar Sheriff Court in February relating to another incident had been fully paid off.

Passing sentence, Sheriff Charles Macnair said: “This was remarkably stupid behaviour and extremely dangerous.”