Mannequin stalker ‘on cusp’ of jail

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A stalker who made a mannequin out of pillows, dressed it up in his ex’s nurse’s uniform, gave it a face that looked like her then sent her a picture has been told he is ‘on the cusp’ of going to jail.

Mark Glass launched a campaign of harassment of ex-girlfriend Zoe Fotheringham after the couple broke up last year.

In one incident he turned up outside her place of work at Adamson Hospital in Cupar clutching flowers and a teddy bear.

That came after he bombarded her with phone calls and Facebook messages.

Miss Fotheringham finally changed her mobile number on February 2.

But the following day she received a message disturbing enough to make her call in police.

Glass was appearing for sentence at Dundee Sheriff Court today (Wednesday) where he could have faced up to a year in prison.

But sentence was instead deferred until later this month after it emerged he has been accused of breaching his bail order days after a previous court appearance and has missed multiple appointments with social workers preparing reports in the case.

Fiscal depute Sue Ruta told the court: “She received a private Facebook message where the accused had one of her nursing uniforms on some pillows placed on the sofa and it had a face on it to make it look like her.

Miss Ruta added that Glass had made persistent calls to her mother’s home phone using a withheld number and had also been sending messages to the woman’s friends and colleagues.

Glass (20) of Crossgate, Cupar, pleaded guilty to a charge of stalking on summary complaint.

He admitted engaging in a course of action between December 2014 and February 2015.

Defence solicitor Mike Short said: “He accepts full responsibility.

“This is a case of him not taking the message that the relationship was finished.

“He showed up with flowers and a teddy bear. It was unwanted affection and he hasn’t seen her since this matter.

“It is a shame it had to come to court for him to get this message but he has now got the message.”

Sheriff Alastair Carmichael deferred sentence on Glass until later this month to call alongside his breach of bail case.

The sheriff said: “I don’t think you understand just how serious this is.

“You are on the cusp of a custodial sentence.”