Marcus Brigstocke: Fully Committed Underbelly Topside, Potterow (Venue 358)

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Marcus Brigstocke: Fully Committed

Underbelly Topside, Potterow (Venue 358)

There may be many one-man shows on the Fringe, but you won’t see one featuring a more energetic performance.

Marcus Brigstocke plays around 40 characters in this fast, slick farce which gives him barely one second to paused from start to finish.

He plays Sam Peliczowksi, an aspiring actor managing the bookings at a posh hotel restaurant while he waits for his big break.

He’s left high and dry when his colleague doesn’t turn up for work, handling every call land managing the hopes and demands of a huge range of customers, all seeking a table at the drop of a hat - despite the restaurant being ‘‘fully committed’ ... chef speak for ‘‘we’re full.’’

Brigstocke plays every character from Naomi Campbell’s shrill PA to a Mafia boss, a whole stack of VIP customers, the sous chef, the bar manager and endless staff ‘upstairs’, and his brother and father.

Every call is put on hold as he juggles the two-way conversations, switching from accent to accent and back again with incredibly skill - in an hour of literally non stop dialogue he slipped just once, turned it into a quick joke and carried on.

But there is also more to ‘Fully Committed’ - a back story of a son trying get home to spend Christmas with his recently widowed father, as well as seeking his ticket out of the bookings business and into showbusiness.

You can only marvel at Brigstocke’s delivery throughout, but the other star of the show is the writing -Becky Mode’s script is funny and sharp, and packs a huge amount into just one hour with one man on stage.

Smashing stuff!