Markinch residents still not happy with biomass noise

Tullis Russell Biomas Plant, Markinch
Tullis Russell Biomas Plant, Markinch

It’s been described as sounding like a “beehive” and a “low-frequency rumble” - whatever the description, Markinch residents are not happy.

Homeowners vented their anger to Ian Gaunt, RWE Innogy UK’s biomass plant operations manger at a public meeting this week.

Complaints came mainly from those living in the Prestonhall and Cadham Road areas following a progress report into commissioning work taking place at the new £200 million CHP plant.

Despite independent noise monitoring being conducted at several properties, those living closest to the biomass plant claim nothing had changed regarding noise issues, despite promises to tackle the problem.

“I’ve lived here eight years but since this plant was built it has trashed our lives,” claimed one unhappy resident.

Mr Gaunt conceded that more in-depth analysis may have to be conducted in an effort to pinpoint the cause of the noise.

But he also warned that previous individual incidents had taken place while the plant was not functioning, hinting at the problem possibly emanating from other operators at the site.

“Noise concerns have been the single greatest issue relating to dealing I’ve had with residents,” said Mr Gaunt.

“We have had issues which have been start- up related, but the bulk of the reported noise problems are not indicative of commissioning work being conducted at the plant.”

Commissioning work is now expected to be completed by September, 2014.