Marking golden jubilee of a ‘happy school’

Rector Neil McNeil with Glenwood head boy Christopher Clark and head girl Emma McLean at one of the exhibition displays.
Rector Neil McNeil with Glenwood head boy Christopher Clark and head girl Emma McLean at one of the exhibition displays.

GLENWOOD High School will mark its golden jubilee next week.

An exhibition will be held on Monday – 50 years to the day since the school was officially opened by politician Lord Wheatley.

Glenwood Guide Dogs for the Blind appeal, 1987

Glenwood Guide Dogs for the Blind appeal, 1987

His son, the present Lord Wheatley, who like his father is a senior judge, will unveil the display.

It will feature photographs and memorabilia covering the life of the school, which opened as a junior high – one which took only first to fourth year pupils – in 1962.

Glenwood was built to cater for pupils in west Glenrothes – much of which actually hadn’t been built at the time – as well as those in Leslie and Kinglassie and initially other parts of the area.

The school had unofficially opened nine months earlier, with a roll of 368 pupils, and 17 staff led by headmaster John McBride.

The first pupil listed in the register was David 

Like many of his new schoolmates, he enjoyed the surroundings of a three-storey building which was, then, effectively, in the countryside and which boasted its own swimming pool.

The pool was the first in the town and was also used by non-Glenwood pupils, many of whom learned to swim there in the years before Fife 
Institute opened.

It also anticipated the role that Glenwood would take up in 1981, when it became a community school, with the building opened up to the public for a variety of activities.

By that time, Glenwood had long been a comprehensive, the transition to which was managed by Tom McIver, one of the relatively few rectors the school has had over the years, who have also included George Bennett, Dave McKenzie and Sue Dobie, the first woman to hold such a post in Fife, as well as current incumbent Neil McNeil.

Mr McNeil said: “It’s an honour and a privilege to be Rector of Glenwood in this its jubilee year.

“The school assembly hall will be open to the public from 10am to 6pm on Monday, so please join us in celebrating 50 years of service to the community. “We’ll have photographs and 
memorabilia from the 1960s through to the 
present day and you can take the opportunity to reminisce about the good old days over a cup of tea or coffee.

“I look forward to your company.”

Tribute to Glenwood has been paid by Glenrothes councillor and Fife Deputy Provost, Kay Morrison, who said: “I’m really looking forward to seeing Glenwood High’s anniversary exhibition, the outward and visible sign of the school’s achievements.

“It’ll be an opportunity to celebrate highlights, progress and ambition: a historical landmark in the school community journey.”

One of Glenwood’s previous rectors, Allan Hannah, noted, when the school marked its 25th anniversary, that it had long been known as the ‘happy school’.

Here’s to more happiness in the years ahead.