Masked robbers jailed for Kirkcaldy bakery attack

Glen Bakers, Links Street, Kirkcaldy
Glen Bakers, Links Street, Kirkcaldy
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Two masked robbers who left their victim so traumatised that his life was said to be ruined have been jailed for a total of more than seven years.

Connor Bryans (21), described as a prisoner in Edinburgh, and Gary Christie (20), of Ramsay Road, Kirkcaldy, burst in to Glen Bakers in Kirkcaldy’s Links Street and subjected delivery driver Michael Connor to a terrifying ordeal.

Glen Bakers in Links Street

Glen Bakers in Links Street

Their faces obscured by masks, they brandished poles and demanded that he handed over cash and his phone before making off with his van, keys, phone and a quantity of money.

They were caught after Bryans’ then girlfriend called the police.

And at Cupar Sheriff Court on Thursday, Sheriff Charles Macnair said that there was a ‘distinct possibility’ that Mr Connor was left with post traumatic stress disorder.

“This must have been a terrifying event for Mr Connor,” he said.

“The victim impact statement shows that he is still traumatised. He has lost all his confidence; he won’t go out unless accompanied and is unable to work.

“He was going about his normal day-to-day business and his life has now been ruined by you two.”

Bryans and Christie had earlier admitted assaulting Mr Connor on March 1 last year by pushing him on the body and brandishing wooden and metal poles while their faces were masked.

The court had heard that Christie was high on drink and drugs at the time and had been talked into carrying out the robbery by Bryans.

Bryans, originally from Northern Ireland, was described by the sheriff as the ‘lead figure’ and was jailed for 51 months, while Christie was sentenced to 35-and-a-half months.

“This was not an off-the-cuff decision,” said Sheriff Macnair.

“This had been planned - perhaps not very well planned - but planned over the course of the previous month and both of you agreed to the plan about a fortnight prior to the robbery.

“You made preparations by getting the masks and you committed the robbery. The nature of the offence is such that I consider that in neither case is there an appropriate sentence other than imprisonment having regard to the impact on the complainer.

“You were caught by what would appear to be a courageous decision by Bryans’ then girlfriend to call the police,” continued the sheriff.

“For that she deserves significant praise.”