Mast to be removed

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COUNCILLORS have vetoed a bid to get permission for a ‘phone mast in Leslie.

And they have ordered that the 15 metres high structure and associated equipment cabins be removed from the High Street site.

02/Vodafone had asked for retrospective consent for the mast for six months, but Glenrothes Area Committee heard that 13 objections had been lodged against the proposal.

Planner Elspeth Cook had told the meeting that the impact on the Leslie conservation area on which it was sited, health concerns and the height of the structure were among the grounds for those opposed to the application.

She said the application was not acceptable in complying with local and national guidelines.

It was an “obtrusive vertical feature in a prominent location in the historic core of Leslie’, Ms Cook went on, adding: “The mast breaks the skyline and draws the eye when travelling along the street, having an unacceptable visual impact on the character and appearance of the conservation area.”