McDonald’s: The case AGAINST


Fiona Keatings: No! That’s the last thing Leven needs. there is enough poverty in this area without feeding the kids McDonald’s.

Katie Foster: We have millions of takeaways and not one single sports shop - what does that say about us? A McDonald’s is the last thing we need!

Barry Gibson: Nah, what we need is more things for kids to do to get them off their consoles.

Fiona Bellamy: As a nation, Scottish people are known to have high rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and chronic ill health - I see no benefit to a McDonald’s in Leven, other than to boost these statistics.

Vicki Taylor: Would rather have a shopping centre with decent shops.

Jenna Waring: Levenmouth has so many chip shops, kebab joints, Indian takeaways, Chinese takeaways and other junk food places. Do we really need a McDonalds too?

Angela Morrison King: Def no! Fast food right on your doorstep. Gangs of kids hanging around, rubbish all over the place!

Mark Boyd: There’s a lot of talk about it being another employer in the area, but what about the damage it will do to all the small business fast food places we have already?

Vicky Brown: Absolutely not. Revolting food from a company that causes masses of litter, not just round its restaurants but on roads for miles around.

Fiona Marshall: I agree that anything to bring jobs into the area is a great idea but please let that not be in the form of a McDonald’s. This area needs more diverse shops to bring 
people into the town. We have more than enough takeaways as it is.

Kim Forgan: No! Yes, it would bring in jobs, but would also further encourage unhealthy eating!

Ryan Sneddon: Keep McDonald’s away from Leven. Where they are talking about putting it is far too close to a primary school for a start.

Ronnie McDonald: I think it an insane idea. What we need around here is a food outlet that aims to tackle obesity, not encourage it!

Ray Grant: More obese kids... no.

Mike Page: There would be litter strewn everywhere nearby.

Victoria Perkins: Dont want it. Methil has already been named as the most obese town in Scotland, so we dont need a McDonald’s adding to the problem.

Jules Herd: There are 11 independent takeaways between the Shorehead and Brannigans so any jobs created would be cancelled out by the chain closing others.

Debbie Lobban-Sheehan: That would be awful! How about a health food store?

Theresa Thompson: New business yes, but not junk food outlets!

Kieran Smart: Get a Burger King instead.

Mark Duncan: No, bad idea, but to be fair - people will eat rubbish regardless.