McDonald’s: The case FOR ...


Teejay Thomson: AWESOME! No need to drive to Kirkcaldy or Glenrothes any more.

Sandra Scott: McDonalds in Leven – hell, yeah. Bring more folks to the High Street.

Fiona Stewart: We have a teenager who has to trail to Glenrothes or Kirkcaldy with her pals to have one as a treat. It would be lovely for this age group to have one in walking distance.

Jenna Crookston: We definitely need something like that in this area. Leven needs something to give it a bit of life and some jobs!

Gillian Lynch: defo McDonald’s in this area.

Rosemary Watson: defo need a McDs

Claire Ness: Much needed in the area. More jobs and opportunities.

Linda Spinks: It would bring jobs (although low paid) so why not?

Andrea Masson: I heard talk of it being beside Aldi, which I don’t think would benefit our run-down town centre much if it was there. Would create jobs though, so I can’t see that it’s a bad thing.

Amanda Kerr: I think its a great idea as it gives more opportunities for jobs. However, it would be better if it was something we needed.

Laura Barr: Rather a McDonalds than another bakers or kebab shop. Don’t see the fuss against it.

Martha Hales Hamilton: A lot of local kids would love it; yes; it would be handy.

Dawn Hennen: About time too.

Karen Jane Urban: Agree we need more variety of shops, sports shop, mobile phone shop and yes, I think a McDonald’s would be good.

Gill Simpson: I say any big employer coming into Levenmouth can only be of benefit to the area.

Tony Davidson: Bring on McDonald’s!

Jean McNair Ewan: McDonalds is a MUST for this area. It’s been needed for a very long time.

Mark Wiggin: Anything that brings employment to the area is needed – I would like to see it on high street to bring foot flow back.

Trish Gunn: We definitely could do with a McDonald’s somewhere for the kids to go for a treat

Tracy Spowart: I’d be McDelighted.

Margaret Kabunga: It would generate jobs and encourage people to go into the town centre.

Kathy Easton: Would be a massive boost to the town; any business bringing employment can only be good.

Abbie Wardlaw: I think Leven would benefit as it will be packed with people for the business and the high street than it being boring and disappointing!

Jules Herd: There are 11 independent takeaways

Angela Cunningham: Definitely. Sick fed up having to drive to Kirkcaldy or Glenrothes to give my kids a wee treat at McDonald’s. Yes, bring it on.

Caroline Maxwell: Most definitely. Saves having to drive to Glenrothes or Kirkcaldy.

Julie Young: A family friendly restaurant like McDonald’s is a good idea. Handy for a quick bite before going to the Regent Cinema.