Meals ... now on wheels

Councillor Bill Brown has welcomed the latest funding approval. Pic: Steve Brown
Councillor Bill Brown has welcomed the latest funding approval. Pic: Steve Brown

Backing has been given to the Glenrothes foodbank charity, allowing it now to deliver its support to those people struggling to make ends meet.

Councillors at the Glenrothes area committee approved the £13,330 of funding which allows the purchase of a delivery van as well as running costs for the next 12 months.

The funding application was made because of the increasing number of people having to walk long distances – several miles in some instances – to access the service, which has operated out of the Pentland Court premises since December 2013.

Growing numbers of clients have been given a compromised food parcel, based on packet weight rather than best possible selection, because many were unable to carry heavy parcels over long distances.

“The justification for this funding is clear and must be approved. It’s a no-brainer,” Glenrothes councillor Kay Morrison told the committee, adding the vehicle would greatly benefit families who have often struggled to take bulkier food parcels away.

However, she stressed the need for the delivery service to act in a discreet manner.

“Confidentiality must not be breached. Any inappropriate signage indicating it was a foodbank delivery could lead to a loss of dignity and we must be mindful to ensure a discreet service once the service is fully operational,” she added.

Councillor Bill Brown who, along with fellow councillor John Wincott, is a Glenrothes Foodbank trustees, had no involvement in the decision, but, afterwards, Cllr Brown welcomed the cash as “further proof” of the committee’s support for the service.

The Glenrothes organisation has helped more than 3300 clients, including 1046 children, in the 15 months between December 2013 and February this year.

Glenrothes Foodbank is currently seeking applicants interested in a managerial role which has come about since it gained charitable status.

“It’s a new role and is a fantastic opportunity for someone to make a very real difference to people’s lives,” said Cllr Brown.

Contact the foodbank on 01592 631088 for more details.