Meet JLS and GB!


IT was one of pop’s more unlikely pairings - GB and JLS!

But Gordon Brown was happy to be part of the spoof as they all teamed up to record a comedy sketch for Comic Relief.

Kirkcaldy’s MP , and former Prime Minister, kept his appearance under wraps until Friday’s star-studded show hit the screens.

The spoof saw actor James Corden recreate his role as Smithy from ‘Gavin And Stacey; to help save Red Nose Day by finding stars to go to Africa to record films from frontline projects.

And he spared none of his big names as he considered, and then rejected, their bids.

Stars at filming

The Kirkcaldy MP spent a morning filming the scenes which included guests JLS, Beatles legend Paul McCartney, Olympic diver Tom Daly, Manchester United skipper Rio Ferdinand, host Dermott O’Leary and Lord Winston.

It was suggested he could record a single with the boy band who shot to fame on X Factor, with Mr Brown admitting: ‘‘I have some time on my hands these days!’’ before leaving the table and asking the boy band members: ‘‘Fancy a pint?’’

The response to the sketch was incredible, and it helped Comic Relief raise a record breaking £74m.

Mr Brown revealed: ‘‘James Corden asked if I would do it, and I thought why not. Everyone else back in Fife and across Scotland did so much to raise funds I was happy to go along.

‘‘It was great fun - and it was very well done. Rio was superb in his scene when he was trying to cry!

‘‘They just asked lots of people along and it just grew and grew - I don’t think anyone knew Paul McCartney and Keira Knightley were going to be there’’

Raith invite

JLS invited him to their next view show, while he also suggested to Corden to come to the Adam Smith Theatre and - as a fellow football fan - to see Raith Rovers.

‘‘I’d met him before at a function and he is a really nice guy - people also really like him.

‘‘He’s a huge football fan so we’ll have to get him along to Stark’s Park.

‘‘The reaction to the sketch was really good. We kept it as a surprise and had lots of texts and emails from people saying how much they enjoyed it.’’

Mr Brown also paid tribute to all the Fifers who raised funds for Comic Relief.

‘‘It was a brilliant effort and I’d like to thank everyone who contributed. The response this year was overwhelming.’’

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