Meet your Kirkcaldy community reporter

Kirkcaldy community reporter Tanya Scoon
Kirkcaldy community reporter Tanya Scoon

WHILE technology is transforming the way we produce newspapers, we’re turning the clock back when it comes to news gathering.

Tanya Scoon is our community reporter for Kirkcaldy and its surrounding towns and villages, and she wants to hear from you and make sure your stories make the news.

Our community reporters will already be known to you but now they want to get out and about more and meet more local residents.

Their job is to get the stories no one else has - and they’ll do that by being out and about every day, speaking to individuals and community groups about what is happening in the town.

Tanya (46), is an experienced reporter and has worked with the Press for over 25 years, covering all types of stories. She lives in Kirkcaldy with her husband and two grown-up children and knows the town and many of its residents well.

She said: “I am really keen to get out and about and meet people with interesting stories to tell.”

So. if you have a tale to tell... or need to share something with thousands of fellow readers... or simply have a piece of news you think we should follow up, then speak to Tanya.

Contacting your reporter has never been easier.

Their phone number, email and Twitter account are listed here - and when you call, they’ll be able to respond.

Direct line: (01592) 598805

email: t.scoon@fifetoday

twitter: @ffptanya