Memorial to honour the Fallen

John Brown, Betty Gilchrist and Robert Dalrymple, the memorial designer on the site at Brunton Green where the memorial will be erected
John Brown, Betty Gilchrist and Robert Dalrymple, the memorial designer on the site at Brunton Green where the memorial will be erected

One hundred years after the outbreak of the First World War, the community of

Falkland is getting set to

commemorate those who lost their lives in this conflict and those following it.

It is hoped that if £24,000 can be raised a new war memorial will be erected in the village by October this year.

At the moment a list of the dead from both World Wars is situated inside the parish church and another list, only containing those who died in the First World War are included on a plaque in the olfdwar memorial institute.

Resident Betty Gilcharist, who has been at the forefront of researching the names and trying to raise the cash necessary for the memorial cairn, said she wants to make sure that all of the names are correct and none are missing.

Those listed for the First World War are:

Sgt. William Anderson, Royal Scots Greys; CPL.William Black, Black Watch; PTE. James Brewster, Black Watch; PTE. William Burgon, Royal Fus.; PTE. Harry Burt, Gordons; PTE.Thomas Collier, M.M., Royal Scots; PTE.Andrew Dall, Black Watch; PTE; James Dalrymple, Black Watch; CPT.James Donaldson, Black Watch; PTE. Ebenezer Downie, Aus. Inf.; CPL.Thomas Dryburgh, R.A.S.C.; CPL.Charles Elder, Royal Scots; PTE.Thomas Flowers, East Lancs.; PTE.Archibald Forrester, Gordons; PTE.Daniel Fortune, R.A.M.C.; General Robt.Gordon, R.A.S.C.; Lance CPL. Duncan Grant, Royal Fus.; SGT.Peter Grant, Royal Scots; PTE.John Graham, A. And S.H.; Lt. Alexander Gulland, Buffs; General Geo.Gunn, R.G.A.; PTE. David Hall, Black Watch; PTE. Alexander Hamilton, NZ. Reg.; PTE. Samuel Hastie, Lon. Scots; CPL. Francis Henderson, Lon. Scots; PTE. Arthur Hendry, Gordons; PTE. Herbert Hughes, Black Watch; PTE. John Jackson, Gordons; PTE. Leonard Kelly, H.L.I.; PTE. David Kilgour, Black Watch; PTE. Thomas Kilgour, Black Watch; PTE. Stephen Lawson, Q.O.C.H.; Bombadeir John Leitch, R.F.A.; PTE. John Livingstone, A. and S.H.; PTE. Wm. Livingstone, Black Watch; PTE.Joseph Lunt, A.and S.H.; O.SM John McLaren, R.N.; PTEWm.McPherson, F. And F.Y.; L.CPL. Harry Michie, London Scots.; PTE.Thomas Morton, Gordons; SGT. David Paterson, R.H.and F.A; Lt. David Richardson, Black Watch; TPR.Angus Robb, Life Guards; PTE. Henry Robertson, Royal Scots.PTE.John Roe, Royal Fus.; L.CPL. David Shepherd, Scots Guards; O.SM. Peter Shepherd, R.N.; Major Roger Slacke, Buffs.;PTE.William Smith, Sher.Forr.; PTE. Charles Stewart, Q.O.C.H.; Lt.COL. Lord Ninian Crichton-Stuart, Welsh Reg.; PTE.James Wallace, R.G.A.; Gen.Thomas Wallace, R.G.A.;PTE.Edwin Wilson, Black Watch; PTE.Robert Wilson, A.and S.H.; 2nd LTD. William Wood, Dorset Reg.

Those remembered for their sacrifice in the Second World War are: Pte.John Bett, Royal Scots; PTE. Daniel Caira, Royal Scots; PTE.Andrew Cation, Black Watch; Lnc. CPL. Geo. Cation. Queen’s Royal Reg.; General Charles Clark, Royal Art; J.O.S.William Cowan, R.N.; Flight Sgt. Mervyn Cullerne, R.A.F.; PTE. John Dickson, Royal Scots Greys; Thomas Dickson, R.N.; Flt. Sgt. Robert Douglas, R.A.F.; Lance Cpl. William Douglas, M.P. General Wm. McEwan, Royal Art.; CPL. Hector McMaster, Aus.Inf.; General Walter Murdoch, Royal Art.; General Andrew Myles, Royal Art.; Major Colin Puttullo M.C., Royal Artillery; PTE.William Skinner, Black Watch; SGT.Lionel Smith, R.A.F.; RFL. Alexander Watson, Rifle Brig.

Anyone who has any information or would like to make a donation, is asked to call Mrs Gilchrist, tel. (01337) 857507.