Memorials delay anger

Garden of Remembrance at Kirkcaldy Crematorium
Garden of Remembrance at Kirkcaldy Crematorium

Fife Council has apologised to a number of Fife families after it emerged they will not receive memorial kerbstones until after Chrismtas.

The Council confirmed the stone which was to be used is damaged - and the supplier will not deliver until after the new year.

Liz Murphy, bereavement services manager at Kirkcaldy Crematorium said: “We understand how upsetting this could be for people and have tried to contact anyone with outstanding orders directly to inform them of the delay. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get through to everyone.

“We want to be sure we provide the best possible quality and would not want to install any memorial stones which are not in perfect condition. ‘‘

The Council expects all outstanding installations to be done by the end of January.


Kirkcaldy resident Yvonne Keillor, whose father Thomas Millar died in January 2012, is one of the many Fifers affected by the delay.

She placed her order on September 15 but is still waiting for a kerbstone to be installed, despite having paid over £500.

She explained: “My father died on January 2, and as it is coming up to the anniversary, I thought if I placed the order in September, it would be more than enough time to sort a stone out.

“I wasn’t told how long it would take, but we have kerbstones for my husband’s mother and my grandparents and they took about six weeks. I didn’t think it would be much longer than that.”

However, Mrs Keillor’s order was not processed until October 29, and after calling Kirkcaldy Crematorium earlier this week, she was told the stone was damaged and it would be after Christmas until she got it.

“It’s absolutely disgusting,” she said.

“I have never received a call from Kirkcaldy Crematorium,

‘‘I’ve always had to call them. I know I’m not the first person this has happened to, and there’s plenty other families this will affect.”

After contacting The Press, Mrs Keillor received an apology, her initial costs refunded and was assured a stone would be put in place before Christmas. However, a number of families are still waiting for the work to be done.