Mental health charity’s Lottery windfall

Tricia Marwick
Tricia Marwick

A FIFE-based mental health charity has been given a funding grant of £687,000 to help it carry out its important work.

Fife Employment Access Trust (FEAT) is receiving the cash from the Big Lottery’s investing in communities fund, to help clients work towards supported employment opportunities before they are discharged from the NHS services.

Duncan Mitchell, FEAT general manager, said: “Numerous studies over many years have shown a consistent pattern.

“People with disabilities have high unemployment rates and people with serious mental illnesses have a substantially higher unemployment rate than those of any group with disabilities, despite the fact most of these people have both the desire and the capacity to work.”

The award will also secure the future of the staff and expand upon the charity’s long-standing work within mental health.

Local MSP Tricia Marwick said: “I’d really like to congratulate FEAT on this fantastic news that helps to secure a vital mental health service for the Fife community, and I’d like to wish it continued success in this new venture”.

FEAT is also expected shortly to move to bigger and more suitable premises in central Glenrothes, with better links to transport, partner organisations and employment opportunities.