Metal detector seeks owner of lost medal

Alexander Whyte with the medal he found
Alexander Whyte with the medal he found

A keen metal detector from St Monans has come across what he thinks may be a local person’s war medal and would like to return it to its owner.

Alexander Whyte (50), was carrying out his hobby in a field in Pittenweem when he discovered the award which is inscribed with ‘The Britsh Red Cross Service’ and the letters which appear to spell ‘galed’ - assumed to be the recipient’s surname, or part of it.

It’s unclear what the medal is for, as the British Red Cross, which has made awards for numerous reasons including war work and length of service, doesn’t keep a full record.

Mr Whyte, who said he has found a few treasures in the past which he has handed into the national museum, suspects the medal dates back to either World War I or II. He found it near to where the former Pittenweem Railway Station would have been.

“I would like to find out if anyone recognises the name,” he said.

“The war has a great significance in my book, and if there are any relations living locally who can claim this medal, I’d like to give it to them.

“It could be someone’s mum or dad or grandparent.”

If you can shed some light on the medal, call Mr Whyte on (01333) 730987.