Metal fence to be erected around Tesco site

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A METAL fence is to be put up around the site of the proposed new Tesco superstore in Cupar.

The land will remain vacant until at least January, when the supermarket giant will review its plans for the much-delayed South Road store.

Tesco’s corporate affairs manager, Douglas Wilson, said: “We will be fencing and securing the site shortly and cleaning up the litter on the site at the same time.”

The issue of the town’s new store was discussed at last week’s meeting of Cupar Community Council.

Cupar councillor Margaret Kennedy said she understood the latest delay in building the superstore may have been down to a recent slump in Tesco’s non-food profits.

She added: “Any further delays would be beyond unacceptable.

“I expressed to Tesco that the vast majority of the public have had enough of the ‘will they, won’t they’ situation.”

Members of the community council expressed concern that the site could become an eyesore similar to the former Martex plot on South Road.

It is understood the fence around the site will be a metal ‘heras’ structure.