Meteorite over Fife could be worth money

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FIFERS were left rubbing their eyes in disbelief last Saturday night as a meteorite flew across the Kingdom on a path which took it right across the UK.

And if you find a chunk of it then you could be in the money!

Reports of the meteorite were widespread across the Uk, and one local expert says some people could cash in.

Rob Elliot runs his own meteorite business from his home in Milton of Balgonie.

He was at home on Saturday night when the meteorite passed over - and missed it!

He said “I was sitting in my lounge watching a film and went to make a cup of tea. If I hadn’t have done that I would have seen it so I’m gutted as these things usually happen just once in a lifetime.”

Rob believes that it was a stone meteorite which could have landed somewhere in the UK.

“There’s a good chance that bits of it fell off as it flew over so I’d say to people next time it rains if water comes in through your roof or if there’s a dent where there wasn’t one before, you may have a bit of meteorite on your hands.”

“There’s a good chance of finding a piece. If it weighs a kilo then we’re talking paying five figures. I paid good money for a piece that had landed in Ireland which was quite a while after it landed. So get looking!”

>> eyewitness

Pauline Robertson of Kirkcaldy said: “It was my husband Graham who first noticed it. It was a glowing ball of light and looked like it was going over towards Edinburgh. “It was going really quickly and you could see that there were sparks coming from it. You could see that it was on fire. I went to get a camera but by the time I had got back it had gone, that’s how quickly it was going.’’