Methil artist commissioned by Morrisons

Artist David Mach
Artist David Mach

The internationally acclaimed artist David Mach has been commisioned to create a ‘huge’ public sculpture in Kirkcaldy.

The work - which has been described as a piece of metal tack covered driftwood in the shape of a wave or fish - will be placed on the Esplanade.

The piece, alongside an ‘art wall’ by artist Lara Greene, was commissioned as part of the Morrisons’ supermarket development at Invertiel.

Councillor Neil Crooks, chairman of the Kirkcaldy area committee, said: “To have such a well respected and world-renowned artist as David Mach involved shows how important he considers this, and we look forward to seeing it in place.”

Methil-born Mach is famous for creating large scale public works using disposable materials such as coathangers and tyres.

His ‘Big Heids’ sculpture can be seen at Eurocentral on the M8 and he recently creating ‘Die Harder’ - a coathanger sculpture of Christ crucified - at Southwark Cathedral.

Earlier this month he unveiled a collage commissioned for Royal Ascot 2014.