Methil car chaos needs fixed, says councillor

Cllr John O'Brien at Lilac Bank, Methil. Picture by George McLuskie
Cllr John O'Brien at Lilac Bank, Methil. Picture by George McLuskie

A Methil councillor has called on Fife Council to find a solution to parking woes in the town – before an accident happens.

Councillor John O’Brien says something has to be done to deal with the growing number of people who are driving over playparks and other green spaces, and pathways, to park outside of their homes, especially in the Lilac Bank area of the town.

He said Fife Council must now work with home owners to find a solution to the problem which he says will sooner or later result in an accident.

“More and more car owners are parking outside their houses, cutting across public footpaths and grass lands,” Cllr O’Brien commented. “They are damaging play parks and children’s playing fields.

“I was astonished to witness a woman drive down a public footpath to pick up a passenger where kids were playing. When I pointed out this fault to the driver they told me they would only be five minutes as they were picking someone up.”

Cllr O’Brien claims he later found out that the driver was a social worker employed by Fife Council and who was on duty at the time.

He added: “I will be bringing this issue to the attention of the chief executive to ask him to explain these actions.

“I see the point of car owners that there’s no room to park their cars on the street while all this grass land sits unused.

“It’s time Fife Council looked to change grass lands that are under-used to make more space s for cars and solve this problem.”

David Paterson, area services manager (Levenmouth), said the issue will be spoken about at a ward meeting today (Wednesday) on a case by case basis.

Fife Housing Group, which is in charge of maintaining the Lilac Bank area said it is working with residents to prevent the practice of driving across grass areas, sending out letters and conducting visits in conjunction with police. It has written to all tenants and has conducted visits, in conjunction with the police, warning against this illegal behaviour.

A spokesman added: “Initial plans have now been proposed to erect bollards in the worst affected parts, blocking off sections of the grass to stop them being used as a thoroughfare - these bollards should be in situ in January 2016.”