Methil fitness class in danger of facing red card

FFIT coaches and volunteers at Bayview
FFIT coaches and volunteers at Bayview
  • Class at risk
  • Shock low response
  • Plea to local men

Leaders may have to blow the full-time whistle on a new community venture after only a couple of weeks because of a low response.

East Fife Youth Academy’s (EFYA) health and wellbeing project – Fife Fans In Training (FFIT), staged at Bayview – is in danger of going defunct after only two people turned up for the opening night.

This is 100 per cent free.

Lorna McAuley

Despite sessions being totally free, leaders say they may have to suspend it soon if there’s no upsurge in interest.

They are transferring it to a new night of the week and a later time, in the hope it will attract more people.

EFYA has received funding to expand its activities, including money from the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) Trust, for FFIT – which is also looking for more women to join its 6pm Monday ladies’ section.

FFIT’s light exercise and activity course, with trained instructors, is aimed mainly at men aged 35 and over, with a minimum 36-inch waist size.

The male group is being moved to a Wednesday (starting tonight) at the later time of 7pm which, it’s hoped, will allow more potential enthusaists time to get home from work and get changed.

Lorna McAuley, head of EFYA, stressed the programme was “100 per cent free”, adding: “You can make new friends, change your lifestyle a bit, and take up a new form of activity. Most importantly, it’s a good laugh. It’s about changing small things in life to make a big difference.

“It would just be a shame to lose funding to do this, because in this area, we don’t get that much,” said Laura.