Methil nursery vandalism condemned

Paxton Nursery'Methil
Paxton Nursery'Methil

Police in Levenmouth are appealing for information after a local nursery was vandalised on a number of occasions in recent weeks.

The incidents occurred at Paxton Nursery on Selkirk Street in Methil during the weeks beginning February 3 and February 10.

In the first instance of vandalism, the janitor at the nursery reported there had been damage over a few nights to the children’s greenhouse, while last week, a fence was damaged as well as plant pots and coping stones on the wall.

Commenting on the incidents, Community Inspector Donald Jenks said: “There has been a spate of minor vandalism over the last couple of weeks. Last Tuesday, we received further information that a fence had been damaged as well as plant pots and coping stones on the wall.

“For whatever reason there seems to be a spate of minor damage there just now and we have increased our attention to the area.

“Any help with highlighting the problem and seeking information would be much appreciated.”

Heather Pozzi, head teacher at the nursery, said the damage was in the region of £230, but a number of repairs still had to be priced.

“We’re very disappointed that people would want to damage the work of the kids and some of the parents, much of which wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for fundraising.

“It seems like it was just damage for the sake of it, and it’s just really disappointing.”

Heather said many of the kids had been quite upset, but the nursery was using it as an opportunity to teach the children about respecting others’ property and what was right and wrong.

Anyone who has any information about the vandalism is encouraged to contact Police on 101.