Methil pensioner calls on council to find root of rat problem

A Methil man has called on the council to find the root of the rat problem in his neighbourhood, after several of his prized racing pigeons died.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 4:10 pm
Updated Thursday, 4th October 2018, 7:34 am
Allan Cassidy next to his racing pigeons.
Allan Cassidy next to his racing pigeons.

Allan Cassidy (66), a resident of Dubbieside, in Lower Methil, claims rats have been an issue in the area for two years, but that this was “the worst I’ve ever known it”.

Allan, a pensioner who lives in a private let, lost two of his racing pigeons last week after they came down with Paratyphoid.

He says the racing pigeons caught the bacterial disease which is caused by the rats.

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One of the dead rats.

Paratyphoid is a pigeon disease caused by salmonella – and it is thought this can be spread by rats.

Allan has used medicine to treat the rest of the racing pigeons, and deployed poison and traps to kill the rats.

However, he says he does not know the root of the issue and does not wishing to keep paying out for medicine, traps and poison.

Allan has called on Fife Council to investigate.

“It’s not a new thing in this area, so there must be some food,” he explained.

“The amount of rat poison that is disappearing – I’ve never seen it like that. I don’t know where the source is.

“I’m a pensioner. It’s hard enough to keep my pigeons going, never mind buying the bait and poison.

“The council need to investigate and get to the root of this. Vermin running about like this – that’s no good.”

Allan describes the racing pigeons as “massively important” to him.

He added: “A pigeon has to be 100 per cent to fly the channel. Anything less and it might not perform well or you might even lose it.”

Fife Council said it had received no reports of rats in the area.

Pest control can be contacted on 03451 550022.

It costs £66 to get pest control out, from start to finish.

More information about pest control can also be found on the Fife Direct website.