Methil resident wants to get to the root of the problem

The trees were blown down during recent storms
The trees were blown down during recent storms

A Methil resident has appealed to the owners of derelict ground near to her home to maintain the land amid concerns large trees could be uprooted.

Janet Baillie lives on Sea Road opposite land owned by Wemyss Estate.

The site is also strewn with rubbish

The site is also strewn with rubbish

She said she is worried that further storms could mean the large trees which have been allowed to grow for years might fall down into her garden or home, or more worryingly, on to children walking to and from the nearby primary school.

And despite enjoying warm evenings in her garden when she moved to her home twenty years ago, Mrs Baillie says she now gets virtually no natural light because the trees have grown so large.

She said little has been done to maintain them over the years, and the ground has also been ignored, leading to drug use and flytipping.

“It’s just really unfair - I maintain my garden and keep it looking nice, so why shouldn’t they? The fence is disgusting, and doesn’t keep anyone out – something needs to be done.”

Mrs Baillie has been in touch with Wemyss Estate to ask if the trees can be cut back or removed, but claims she was told by two workmen last month that they wouldn’t be doing anything, namely due to subsidence on the land.

“But as I said to them, surely the weight of those huge trees is more of a reason to remove them if there’s subsidence there? ”

She said despite the land having been developed into a skatepark for kids around a decade ago, after a hole appeared in a nearby path, the park was closed, and nothing has been done since.

The pine needles from the trees has also led to flooding woes for many of Mrs Baillie’s neighbours because they block drains along the length of the street.

Mrs Baillie has gathered signatures from people in the street who she said were ‘sick-fed-up’ of the situation.

David Gane of Savills, which advises the Wemyss Estate Trust, who are part owners of the site, said: “An engineer’s report in 2006 found some subsidence on the site. As a result, the area was fenced off to make it secure and is regularly monitored. I have consulted with Wemyss Development Company, who own the trees at the side of the road and they have agreed to carry out a tree survey and will ensure any resulting maintenance work required is carried out promptly. The site has also been identified within the Local Development Plan for housing.”