Methil’s grave discount deal

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Times are tight and the recession is still biting – but don’t despair, because canny shoppers are grabbing amazing deals.

But in what can truly be described as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, people now have a chance to buy their own gravestone at a knockdown price!

A Methil resident, who received a £50 voucher through the letterbox from Co-op Funeral Services last week, said she thought the offer was hilarious.

“It’s probably the best bargain I’ll get this side of the Pearly Gates,” she laughed.

“The only thing is, should I have it inscribed and put up now in the back garden?”

Martin Ferguson, manager of Co-op Funeral Services in east Fife, said the new promotion was currently available in Fife and is expected to roll out across the UK.

Customers who buy a gravestone worth over £500 now can take advantage of the £50 discount.

He said: “We wouldn’t physically make them unless the customer requested that. To put an inscription on it now might be tempting fate.”

He confirmed there had been enquiries already.

“A lot of people like to plan and prepare and have their funeral organised,” he said.

People were also more relaxed and likely to make better decisions about their own funeral, he said.

“Also, people today are more conscious of the financial implications of a funeral and don’t want to burden their families,” said Mr Ferguson.

“They recognise it’s a good deal and they get their own wishes, including the inscription they would like.”

He added: “It’s really just for peace of mind, then they can go and get on with their lives.”