Methil turbines given cautious backing

The turbines were given a cautious backing by the committee
The turbines were given a cautious backing by the committee

Fife Council has given its cautious backing to two new wind turbines off the Methil coast, but wants reassurances over noise concerns.

Ministers will have the final say on Marine Scotland’s plans for two 198.7 metre high twin-blade structures to be sited 1.5km of the Fife coastline, but following a consultation councillors at last Wednesday’s central area planning committee outlined their support and urged the Scottish Government to clarify the potential noise impact on residents.

A formal response from the Fife authority also requested a bond to be put in place allowing for the turbines to be dismantled if they lie dormant for 12 months or more and for any connecting underwater cabling to be mapped for fishermen.

With a planners report indicating that there were still “too many unknowns” in relation to the cumulative effect of noise of the two structures with the existing Samsung turbine, Cllr Ross Vettraino called for his colleagues to reject the proposal.

“My alarm grows by the second after hearing that we do not have clarification on what the potential noise levels may be,” he said.

“If we think the noise from the turbine is going to be audible then we should be objecting to it in principle.”

Stuart Wilson, Fife Council planning officer concluded that noise concerns would now be included in the local authority’s formal response and call on Marine Scotland to ensure mitigating measures are put in place.