Milton Jones & The Temple Of Daft Assembly Hall (Venue 35)

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Milton Jones & The Temple Of Daft

Assembly Hall (Venue 35)

No-one delivers one liners quite like Milton Jones.

The man with a hairstyle created by sticking wet fingers into an electric socket is razor sharp as he reels off surreal mini-gags based on clever word play.

The difference between doing it on ‘Mock The Week’ and doing it live is you need to create a narrative, however tenuous it may be.

For his 2015 live tour, Jones sets off in the footsteps of his great uncle in the quest for buried treasure, hence the title.

To be honest it’s simply a hook on which to hang his endless stream of gags - some make you groan, some take a few seconds to sink in and others are on the spot, but all are funny.

The overhead projector images seemed a bit haphazard - not too sure if they added much to a show which ends with a spot of cracking improv as he takes suggestions from the audience and comes up with instant one liners.

Truly, a one-off.