Mine water pumped into River Leven

A section of the River Leven
A section of the River Leven
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Rising water in the former East Fife Coalfield is to be discharged into the River Leven.

The Coal Authority has been granted a licence to do so in an ‘intertidal’ section of the river by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA).

The need to use the river has come about due to a mine water treatment scheme at the former Frances Colliery in Dysart not being able to cope with rising levels of water since the local mines, that make up the coalfield, were closed.

It is claimed the water will be controlled so as to minimise both the volume of discharge and any potential impact.

A spokesman for the authority said: “Chemical testing of the mine water from the borehole has indicated that it is of sufficiently good quality to discharge into the River Leven.

“Following dilution and dispersion in the river, iron concentrations will fall below the limits set by national environmental quality standards.

“In addition, ecological assessments have determined that the scheme will not have any adverse impact on local ecology.”