Minimum jail sentence reduced for pervert teacher

Kirkcaldy pervert teacher Andrew Kingsley has had his court sentence reduced
Kirkcaldy pervert teacher Andrew Kingsley has had his court sentence reduced

A FORMER Kirkcaldy music teacher who led a double life as an internet predator had his minimum jail sentence almost halved on Friday.

Andrew Kingsley, known as Olly, has become the latest to benefit from last year’s appeal court ruling in the cases of rapist Robert Foye and paedophile Morris Petch. The Holyrood parliament is currently considering changes to the law to deal with the difficulties resulting from that decision, which changed the way minimum sentences are calculated for lifers. Judge Lord Pentland imposed a life sentence after hearing how Kingsley - who worked as a probationer at St Andrew’s High - pestered youngsters in their early teens for twisted sex and confessed to a fetish for bondage, saying he had handcuffs, rope and a blindfold. Judge Lord Pentland told Kingsley - who had pleaded guilty to a total of 31 charges - that he had been “devious” and guilty of a two-year predatory campaign of sexual exploitation of children. Kingsley was ordered to serve at least five years before he can apply for parole.

On Friday, Kingsley returned to court to challenge the life sentence - known as an order for lifelong restriction - and lost. But the Court of Criminal Appeal cut the minimum time he must spend behind bars to two years and eight months.

Lord Mackay of Drumadoon - sitting with Lords Bonomy and Abernethy - said Kingsley had been sentenced before the Petch and Foye rulings and they now had to follow those guidelines.