Mining poems help to fund centre

Tom Moffet & Freddy Dickson at the West Wemyss Heritage Centre
Tom Moffet & Freddy Dickson at the West Wemyss Heritage Centre

A book of poems written by a former miner has helped to raise funds for a mining heritage centre in West Wemyss.

Freddy Dickson (66), who worked in the mines for 15-20 years, has compiled a book of poems and stories from his time in the pits and his childhood growing up in East Wemyss.

“My background is in mining and I was always interested in poems,” said Freddy, who now lives in Glenrothes.

“I had never considered doing a book before; I just had them stored on my computer but someone suggested I do it.”

And the book, entitled ‘Pits Life and Other Daft Things’ has been so popular that the first 50 printed have already sold out.

Keen to see a local charity benefit from the proceeds of the book, Freddy heard about the West Wemyss Heritage Centre and decided that was the perfect cause.

“I didn’t know about the centre when I was writing the book, but when I heard it was there, I took a walk from East Wemyss to West Wemyss and decided on the spot to donate £100 from the proceeds to the centre,” he said.

“The centre is of the utmost importance because our mining heritage in this area should never be forgotten.”

The heritage centre is run by Tom Moffet, who set it up just over two years ago as a place to preserve the area’s rich mining heritage. He was delighted when Freddy showed up.

“It was absolutely fantastic to get the donation,” he said. “The centre is run completely from donations from the public, so it was a real help.”