Minister set to meet A92 campaigners

Derek Mackay MSP pictured with Robert Brown, grand father to  Logan Carrie.
Derek Mackay MSP pictured with Robert Brown, grand father to Logan Carrie.

Campaigners demanding safety improvements on a notorious stretch of the A92 have been granted face-to-face meeting with Scotland’s transport minister.

Derek Mackay has confirmed he will sit down with members of Glenrothes and Area Futures Group (GAFG) to discuss long-standing concerns and possible remedies once his colleagues at Transport Scotland have given their views on a Fife Council produced ‘Action Plan’ for the route.

In a letter to GAFG Mr Mackay said the report needed a “comprehensive review to ensure appropriate solutions are taken”.

The group had called for an update on progress being made by the Scottish Government following the UK Government’s allocation of £500 million to Scotland for infrastructure.

The news of a meeting with the minister was welcomed by Dr Bob Grant GAFG’s A92 campaign convener Ron Page.

“Our main priority is the Preston and Balfarg junctions, as well as the stretch of A92 where the young boy was killed remain.

‘‘But we will be putting the case forward for a complete rethink regarding A92 safety,” said Mr Page.

“The meeting is a significant step as most now accept that Transport Scotland’s stance of no improvements needed no longer holds any water.”

Fife communities connected to the A92 have stepped up their call for substantial improvements following a number of fatalities and serious accidents in recent times, most notably the death of nine-year-old Cadham youngster Logan Carrie in February.

Logan was killed after attempting to cross the busy trunk road after getting through a gap in a wall.

Mr MacKay met with family members to view the crash site in following the tragedy and has already agreed that more must be done for pedestrians crossing the A92.