‘Miracle baby’ aims to compete in Rio

ALL GROWN UP: Aidan in his Hibs strip.
ALL GROWN UP: Aidan in his Hibs strip.

BUCKHAVEN teenager Adian Boyne’s entrance into the world could not have been more dramatic.

Fourteen weeks premature and weighing just 1lb 9oz, Aidan’s family were told four times to be prepared for the worst.

During his five months in Forth Park Hospital, Kirkcaldy, his weight dropped to 1lb 1oz, he suffered 14 mini heart attacks and had to have his chest drained eight times.

Even after leaving hospital, the tiny tot still had an uphill struggle – one of his lungs was badly damaged because of a cyst and he needed surgery for two massive hernias. He also had treatment for hip problems.

So, it is no surprise that mum Tracy Harrison still has to pinch herself sometimes to believe the baby she could cradle in her hand is now a strapping 5ft 5in sports-mad 18-year-old, who has won national football honours.

When Tracy, who herself almost died after the birth, first saw her baby, his skin was so transparent she could see his heart beating and his hand was smaller than her thumb nail.

“Now he’s this big teenager who is at college and is obsessed with football,” Tracy said.

Just last week, Aidan was part of a Fife squad that won the Scottish Disability Sport seven-a-side title and, next year, he will be competing in the British Games in Bath in football. He is also a member of Hiberninan FC’s squad for youths with disabilities.

However, after the massive profile of this year’s summer Paralympics, Aidan is now focusing on being selected for Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

“The selectors have already seen him and want him to try out for five sports – football, swimming, golf, cycling and bowling – but he’s determined to make it for football,” Tracy said.

“I would never have imagined all those years ago that he would be the young man he is today.

“We are all incredibly proud of him.”