Mix-up leads to pay delay

Fife House
Fife House

A CLERICAL mix-up has been blamed for a hitch which resulted in countless Fife teachers not receiving their wages on time.

It’s believed teachers in the Kingdom are usually paid on the Thursday before the last working Friday of the month, however, it seems there was some confusion over when they should have been given their June wages due to the schools closing for the summer this Thursday.

The council’s head of education, Joe Fitzpatrick, said there had been an “error within the education service” meaning that teachers had “unfortunately” not been paid when they should have.

He added that the council’s finance and education departments worked together to rectify the mistake as quickly as they could and that all staff members were expected to have their pay in their accounts by yesterday (Tuesday) at the latest.

However, one teacher who contacted the Mail said that he, and his colleagues, were stunned to have been left short.

He said: “The term finishes this week and a lot of people will be going away on their summer holiday and need that money.

“You also have a situation where direct debits have been set-up and may not be paid.”