Mixed reaction to ‘witch’ memorial

Witch memorial Perth
Witch memorial Perth
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MAIL readers have been voicing their opinions on controversial plans to create a memorial to those tortured and killed as witches in Pittenweem.

Since reporting last week on a questionnaire being circulated by the village’s community council, which includes a section on the plan to gather community opinion, readers have been hotly debating the issue on the Mail’s Facebook site.

The memorial would be dedicated to the 26 people from Pittenweem who were killed during the 17th and 18th centuries and is being led by local historian, Len Low (right).

Reader Oisin Darren Costigan said: “I think any memorial like this would be looked at as a curious snapshot into a time in history, as opposed to a meaningful memorial to the individuals involved.

“Everyone knows Texas has a high rate of post-execution pardons, but how many of us could name anyone on that list that was actually innocent, even if we came away after seeing their names on a memorial?

“But as a glimpse into our ancestors social evolution, it would be a fitting tribute to how we have moved on.”

Pittenweem’s community council asked members of the public to have their questionnaires completed and handed back on Sunday, and told the Mail it did not wish to comment until it has had time to discuss the responses.

There is no official memorial to anybody tried and executed for witchcraft in Scotland, although there are other smaller monuments (pictured far right) that have been created without the backing of an authority.

The cost of any memorial, and its up-keep, was raised by readers Joe Hill and Roy McIntosh, who said that, with services being cut across Fife, the cash could be better used elsewhere.

Mr McIntosh said: “There are a lot of far more pressing issues like lack of jobs, affordable housing, etc.

“Saying that, though, if one of the Fife colleges was interested in making some sort of memorial using the students’ labour, then that would be constructive.

“Once again, though, where does the money come from?”

Mail reader and Facebook follower Nikki Duncan, however, said the issue would be better left in the centuries gone by, saying: “We need to deal with the future and stop harping on about the past.

“Too much money is wasted on initiatives like this one.”