Mobile speed camera locations in Fife from May 18

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Additional speed cameras are to be deployed in the Fife village of Gateside in a bid to encourage drivers to slow down.

Andy Jones, Fife Safety Camera Partnership manager, said: “Deployment at the village, originally in response to community concerns, has continued for years now and speeding offences at the site are still being detected regularly.

“It’s a 30mph restriction in the village and particularly worrying that drivers are speeding through it while the 20mph restriction is in place around school times.

“Our presence in the village is being increased in a bid to encourage drivers to slow down.

“Speeding is a high risk driving behaviour and unfortunately enforcement, leading to a loss of licence, may be the only way to change the behaviour of some drivers.”

Inspector Nicola Black, Police Scotland, added: “The local community identified driver behaviour and speeding as one of their top priorities for local officers to focus on in North East Fife.

“I am particularly concerned that most speeding offences detected are associated to local people.

Please stick to the limit set – it’s there to help preserve the safety of all who use the road – pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, drivers.”

Mobile safety camera units will be deployed in the following Fife locations for the week begining May 18:

A823 Queensferry Road, Dunfermline

A92 Dundee to Kirkcaldy

A907 Halbeath Road, Dunfermline

A921 The Path, Kirkcaldy

A91 East Road, Cupar

A985 Crombie to Kincardine

A91 Main Road, Gateside

A985 Rosyth to Crombie

A91 St Andrews Road, Guardbridge

Aberdour Road, Dunfermline

A914 New Inn to Cupar

B9157 Kirkcaldy to Aberdour

A914 St Michaels to Balmullo

B923 Burntisland to Kinghorn

A915 St Andrews Road, Largoward

Mansfield Leslie

A915 Windygates to Kirkcaldy

A92 Cowdenbeath to Crossgates