MOD gives assurance over station housing

MP Stephen Gethins outside Leuchars Station.
MP Stephen Gethins outside Leuchars Station.

The MoD has confirmed that plans to improve miltary accommodation at Leuchars Station will not be affected by Carillion going bust earlier this week.

North East Fife MP Stephen Gethins has written to Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington MP seeking assurances that the MoD would fulfil its commitment to improving accommodation.

In the letter, Mr Gethins said: “Several constituents who are serving military personnel have expressed concern about issues with the condition of their housing, e.g. dampness and infestation, and I have been assured by the MoD that improvements would be made by Carillion.

“However, given the current situation, I would ask for commitment from the Government to ensure that obligations to improve accommodation will be met whatever the outcome of the situation with Carillion.”

An MoD spokesman said: “Carillion’s insolvency announcement has no direct impact on defence or the services provided to the Armed Forces and their families. Housing will continue to be serviced, catering facilities provided and buildings and offices cleaned.”

The MoD also said that it had received no complaints about the condition of personnel housing.

Mr Gethins has also submitted several Parliamentary Questions to the Cabinet Minister asking what plans he has to ensure service families at Leuchars Station can make representations and engage with his department regarding the impact of the difficulties facing Carillion.

In the letter, he said: “Service personnel based at Leuchars and elsewhere work extremely hard and they are their families deserve to live in good quality accommodation which is properly maintained and problems addressed to their satisfaction.”

Construction company Carillion went into liquidation on Monday, after losing money on big contracts and running up debts of around £1.5 billion, putting thousands of jobs at risk. The company employs around 20,000 in the UK, and 43,000 worldwide.

Carillion delivered around 450 contracts for the government, including services for hospitals and transport.