More must be done to retain green access

The group believes a strong network could encourage pupils and students to walk to the new Levenmouth campus
The group believes a strong network could encourage pupils and students to walk to the new Levenmouth campus

A local group has called on Fife Council to make clearer the future of a key pathway throughout Levenmouth.

CLEAR environment group has said more needs to be done to draw the public’s attention to possible infringement on public access ways and green space at two of the area’s big developments – the new Levenmouth High School and the new Low Carbon Energy Park.

Work has already started at both the energy park, sited at the former Diosynth site off of Percival Road, and the new school which is due to open to pupils for the new term in August 2016.

However, the CLEAR team has raised concerns about a public right of way which runs through the energy park site, from Percival Road to Eagle Road and then down to Starkies Woods and the current Buckhaven High School before continuing on to Methillhill.

The path is part of a CLEAR Gold Medal Route, which was created after the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Ken Haig, CLEAR lead volunteer, said: “CLEAR want to ensure this essential right of way is retained despite any industrial development around it since it is well used by local residents and a key link in the Core Paths network around Levenmouth.”

The group believes that the new developments, especially the school, can be an opportunity to energise the whole paths network encouraging not only school and college students - and their parents - to walk or cycle the network and thereby reduce unnecessary road traffic.

Mr Haig added: “We have raised this in public consultation and in private discussions with officials and councillors but received no satisfactory reply to date.

“If the Council is serious about consultation, then we expect more.”

It is expected that CLEAR will meet with Dave Paterson, area services manager for Levenmouth, to discuss the issue in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, staff and volunteers at CLEAR are looking forward to starting the Starkies Woods Regeneration & Community Garden project soon, after plans were first spoken about years ago. Now thanks to an agreement between Fife Council and Wemyss estate, a new tendering process for the work can begin.

This was carried out previously in 2013, however due to the time taken to carry out the public access agreement, it must now take place again.

It is hoped that the tendering process will be complete within the next few weeks, so that work can start and finish by mid-2015.