More traveller woes for Glenrothes

A new traveller site in Osprey Road
A new traveller site in Osprey Road

Travellers have once again set up an illegal camp in Glenrothes, just five weeks after the last unwanted settlements were moved on.

The owners of approximately 20 vehicles have taken up residence on land in Osprey Road, adjacent to a newly-built road for the Glenrothes whisky distillery in farmland next to Whitehill Industrial Estate.

Glenrothes and Central Fife MP Lindsay Roy, who has called for a review of the legislation dealing with issues of illegal traveller settlements, said it was a “recurring problem” that wouldn’t be dealt with until the Scottish government took action and changed the law.

“Yet again the issue has an impact on the community, residents and business owners round about the site,” he told the Gazette.

He added: “This incident makes me more determined than ever to work closely with MSPs, Fife Council, the police and the community to consider appropriate action.”

“In order to achieve results, there needs to be a full review of the existing legislation which clearly isn’t adequate enough to allow people to deal with the recurring cases.”

Only five weeks ago, a local developer had his land in Woodside Way, close to Bankhead roundabout occupied for two weeks by as many as 50 travellers vehicles.

Councillor Judy Hamilton, housing and building services spokesman, said: “Council land has been used for unauthorised encampments resulting in considerable staff time and cost to clear the sites and restore them to their proper use.

“We enforce the law as it stands and do everything we can to support private landowners, communities and the travelling communities.

“However, the Council, through CoSLA, will lobby for a change to the law and will revise its policies to ensure that support to Gypsy Travellers, local business and residential communities is improved.”