More turbines planned for Little Raith

The owners and operators of Fife’s first commercial windfarm, Little Raith, have announced proposals to extend the existing site.

The wind farm, near Cowdenbeath, currently consists of nine turbines.

However Kennedy Renewables is now looking to extend the current wind farm by up to an additional seven turbines.

The project is still in the early stages of development, and the firm will be working with local communities and Fife Council going forward.

The community benefit associated with the extension would be £5000 per installed megawatt per annun, which would be around £110,000 annually based on a Scoping Report submitted by Kennedy Renewables.

Details of the new proposal were given to a meeting of the Little Raith Community Liaison Forum and the Four Winds Development Trust on Monday evening.

The proposal to extend Little Raith Wind Farm is in the preliminary stages of development, with public exhibitions due to commence early next year.

Initial survey work for the proposed extension is currently being carried out to help establish the most suitable locations and design.

Jonny Kennedy, managing director of Kennedy Renewables, told the Press: “The size and dimensions of the additional turbines will be similar, if not the same, as those at Little Raith to ensure the scheme appears as one uniform development.

“We hope the proposed extension will allow us to expand on our current work and relationship with the local community.

“If an extension is approved we will be in a position to add to community benefit payments for the already operational scheme, which currently will provide £1.23 million over the next 25 years, as well as building on our relationship with Fife College, where we have a sponsorship agreement to provide financial support for less well off students.”

The news of the proposed extension came at the same time as the first round of community benefit cheques from the wind farm were distributed by the Four Winds Development Trust on Monday to local groups, including Lochgelly Women’s Social Group, Auchtertool Youth Club and Cowdenbeath Community Theatre.

Little Raith became fully operational in November last year and was officially opened in June.